What Are You Looking For?

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t mind getting called out. And here I go again. It’s been a little too long since I mentioned (somewhat repetitively) that I want to be a matchmaker and maybe Mennotoba would be a good vehicle to exercise my matchmaking abilities/lifelong dream. And I’ve gotten replies! And now I’ve also received a subsequent message asking what’s up with my silence. (You know who you are…and I thank you!) I’ve made grand promises! Now for the next step.

Before I attempt to match anyone, I should let you know what kind of information I require. There are some questions that need to be asked and answered. I figure there’s no point in simply emailing them to those who have responded to MennoMatchmaking. I might as well hit the “publish” button, just in case there are a few more fish in the sea who might also like to see what kind of match they’ll end up with via Mennotoba. (I mean people, though, not fish.)

As you read the below questions, you’ll see that they’re a little personal, and maybe you won’t feel comfortable answering all of these. That’s okay, just answer as many as you can/want. And honestly, I don’t think I would’ve known the answers to all of these questions either, before I met Andrew. However, the more you answer, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll be matched well. You already have something in common with these potential matches: you read The Daily Bonnet and Mennotoba. That’s pretty good đŸ˜‰

Remember, it’s not too late! I’d happily receive more matchmaking requests. Email your answers to realmennotoba@gmail.com

  1. Where do you live, and would you be up for a long-distance relationship (at least at the outset)?
  2. How would you describe yourself to a potential match?
  3. How would you describe your ideal match?
  4. Do you create (music, art, online content, etc)? What are your hobbies? How do you unwind? How would you expect this to change if you were successfully matched?
  5. What do you do for a living/career/job?
  6. Would you be okay with being matched with someone who is between jobs?
  7. What’s important to you, and why? (family, independence, helping others, security, etc.)
  8. What kind of things are you hoping will be important to your match?
  9. What are some of your favourite movies, and why? How important is it to you that a mate would joyfully accompany you to the movies?
  10. Name some of your favourite bands/describe your favourite kind of music. How important is it to you that a mate would happily join you at shows and/or concerts?
  11. What are some of your favourite topics of conversation (and/or debate)?
  12. How do you feel about exercise and/or sportsy things? Would you want a mate to join you in these sportsy endeavors?
  13. Do you attend a church? Is it a deal-breaker if your match isn’t from a similar churchy situation?
  14. Do you cook? Would you like to end up with a match that cooks? Deal-breaker?
  15. Are you neat or messy? Do you care if you end up with someone who is neat or messy?
  16. Camping or hotel?
  17. Farm life, small-town life, or city life?
  18. How old are you? What’s the maximum age difference that you could tolerate? Older or younger or do you not care?
  19. Pets: yes or no? Do you have any deal-breaking allergies to any particular pets (or livestock)?
  20. Do you like to be very busy, or do you need downtime? Are you pretty quiet, or pretty social? Are you a big talker, or a big listener?
  21. Wine, beer, or teetotaler? Do you care if your match is not the same as you in this?
  22. What do you spend most of your disposable income on?
  23. Describe your ideal vacation.
  24. Where do you lean, politically-speaking? How vital is it that your match would share similar views?
  25. Do you have kids? Do you want kids? How would you feel about your potential match having kids from a previous relationship?

Erin’s note, regarding matchmaking photos: Pictures are so subjective, and so is attractiveness. I don’t feel comfortable deciding for someone else whether they’d find someone attractive. I feel like there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole physical-attraction thing, and I do not feel I can make this call on the behalf of other people. So, I’m not asking for pictures. Feel free to push back on this if you want…or to just send one if you want to. But I do not require a photo in order to match you. đŸ™‚

(feature photos: Andrew and I growing old together: in 2001, and in 2018)