Matchmaking Update: We Need Men!

Way back in early March, I set out to do the unthinkable: attempt matchmaking success. Have you kinda wondered what’s up with that? Why did I throw out an offer to match-make, followed by a whole lot of silence on the topic.

Okay, well here’s what happened.

My effort to find people willing and available to be matched has resulted in a handful of women messaging me…and I have the impression that we could easily all be great friends. These are my PEERS! I want very badly to match them. But they are all heterosexual…and only one male has messaged me in response to Mennotoba Matchmaking: a gentleman of advancing years who will not submit his real name…Ummmm….

So, these results have not led to matchmaking success…yet. Here are my thoughts on why this has happened.

  • Likely the readership is not large enough to get a decent amount of people telling me they’d like to be matched.
  • The way I wrote the post did not resonate with single males. (Andrew pointed out that I kept saying that I suck at matching people…that likely didn’t help matters.)

Like I said earlier about the women who responded, I strongly suspect we would be friends. They get me. They know that I don’t actually suck at matching. It just hasn’t happened for me yet. However, I like to think that I have a long matchmaking life ahead of me at this point.

And anyway, summer is coming. It’s a very good time to start dating. Well, I guess I wouldn’t know, since Andrew and I began our relationship in the dead of winter. But it seems to me that summertime is more conducive to such things as romance.

All I’m saying is, c’mon. And, single gents, just consider it! Before you head over to plentoffish or whatever, give THIS matchmaker a chance. (I mean me.)