Mennonite Restaurant Guide

Where to get Mennonite food in Manitoba.

First off “Mennonite food” is a bit of a misnomer. There are more Mennonites in India than Canada, so  you could argue that curry is more a Mennonite dish than schmaunt fat it. However, around here when people say “Mennonite food”, they’re usually thinking of farmer sausage, vereneki, kielke and so on. Most of these dishes were appropriated from the countries we lived in, but its some of the tastiest appropriation around. Check out these places for Mennonite food:

Altona: Pizza Haven – Pizza Haven is the most popular pizza place in Altona and has a number of variations on Mennonite pizza. The Altona Diner also features Mennonite dishes.

Blumenort: Two Peppers features Mexican and Mennonite food.

Morden: Kopper Kettle – For traditional Russian Mennonite food in Morden, the Kopper Kettle is the place to go.

New Bothwell: While in New Bothwell, you should also stop at the famous Bothwell cheese factory and get your hands on some fresh squeaky cheese. Perfect for faspa.

Steinbach: MJ’s Kafe,  Livery Barn Restaurant ,  and El Vecino – Steinbach has a few places where you can sample Mennonite food. MJ’s on Main Street is conveniently located across the street from the MCC store. The Livery Barn is at the Mennonite Heritage Village and is open seasonaly. El Vecino offers Mexican Mennonite empanadas and Russian Mennonite treats like vereneki. Main Bread and Butter often features Mennonite soups and has the largest selection of farmer sausage in the area. Mennonite dishes are also featured on the menus of many other local restaurants, so don’t be surprised if you find vereniki on the menu when you’re out for southern BBQ.

Winkler: Triangle Oasis Restaurant, Toppers, and Del Rios -Winkler has a couple places where you can dine on Russian Mennonite food – Triangle Oasis, Toppers and Del Rios are the most notable. Winkler residents also enjoy Chicken Chef, either in Winkler itself or neighbouring Morden.

Winnipeg: Faspa, The Dawning and The Don, – The Dawning way out on Portage Avenue is known for it’s great breakfasts and fantastic Mennonite food. The Don on Donald and Broadway offers a wide range of gourmet perogies. New to the city is Faspa, which offers Menno catering and a take-out menu. Also, check out Sam’s Place, a cafe, used bookstore and music venue. Proceeds from Sam’s Place support MCC Manitoba.

This list is a work in progress: Our goal is to list every restaurant that serves Russian Mennonite food in Manitoba. If you have any additions for us, let us know: