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Mennotoba.com is about people. While the Daily Bonnet is all about satire, Mennotoba seeks to bring you true stories of the Mennonites in Manitoba. We’ll also provide you with information on where to eat and what to see if you want to learn more about us Mennos.

One such Mennonite featured on Mennotoba is Daily Bonnet editor and occasional hand model Erin Koop Unger. Erin grew up on a dairy farm near the Mennonite town of Kleefeld, Manitoba. She lives with her husband (and Daily Bonnet writer) Andrew Unger in Steinbach, Manitoba. Erin has visited some of the largest cities in the world, but always comes home appreciating her small-town Mennonite roots.

Oberschulze and Ältester: Erin Koop Unger

Shekjbenjel: Andrew Unger

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