I Don’t Want You To Know What I Did Saturday Night

I don’t want to tell you about the latest concert at the Krahn Barn in Neubergthal. I don’t want more people finding out about these beautiful concerts and flooding the village and crowding the venue. I mean that truly. But Andrew told me that he took these pictures with the intention that I’d write a post about it. So okay, this is that.

On Saturday we drove out to yantzied (or jantsied?) and explored Dominion City and ate some pizza before taking in the main event: a concert featuring Paul Bergman, Jess Reimer, and The Osmond-Davis Band.

I love love love taking in concerts in Margruite and Paul Krahn’s barn. It’s a beautiful venue…when I’m there, I feel so right, so relaxed, so alive. I think Margruite has exquisite taste in music and I’m always eager to see whomever is playing in her loft. And I love driving out to Neubergthal. So, when I heard about this concert, of course I bought tickets…even though I was largely unfamiliar with the artists.

Except Paul Bergman. He played there a different time that we were there, and that was how I learned that his music is very poetic, quiet, and important.

This was my first time seeing Jess Reimer perform…and it won’t be the last. She is a force to be reckoned with. Her songwriting crackles with wit, and her voice with attitude. Her husband Jeremy Hamm keeps up, they make a fantastic team, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

The Osmond-Davis Band concluded the show by filling the stage and the space with the lively sounds of bluegrass. Alexandra was dancing and hooting along…but she is not a Mennonite. Alas, the rest of us sat in our seats, tapping our toes and nodding our heads in time.

I’m grateful to my friend Deb for initially telling me about the Krahn Barn Concerts, but I don’t want others to know about them. This event was sold out anyway, it’s not like more people need to know.

But if you’d like to see these artists perform, I’m pretty sure you can catch both Paul Bergman and Jess Reimer performing at Morden’s Back 40 Festival on June 3rd. I’ve heard that event is amazing!

And now, I shall leave you with some pictures from Saturday evening:

Paul Bergman, with Bill Western on pedal steel.
Jess Reimer! With her husband Jer, and her father Doug. Incidentally, we saw Doug at Pizza Haven. We didn’t know who he was, but the way he poured a Fort Garry Dark caught our eye. The way I pour that beer has now been forever changed.
Proof I was there.