Mennonite Delight at Pizza Haven in Altona

When I posted about Dominion City the other day, I kept referencing the pizza we were anxious to obtain in Altona.

That’s because we had all made up our minds that we were going to have supper at Pizza Haven. It’s not just the best pizza in Altona…it’s the best pizza, period.

Andrew wanted me to pose for a picture for the blog before we went in. Alexandra loves being in front of the camera…and frankly I love her antics, so back onto a feature photo she goes!

This is the photo Andrew probably wanted as the feature photo. But no. That’s not how I roll.

We’ve been at Pizza Haven once before, and we ordered the Poutine Pizza on that occasion. It was very delicious. But the only problem was, our friends ordered the Mennonite Delight and I had to live with out-of-control pizza-jealousy for that entire meal. I felt like such a fool for not having ordered the Mennonite Delight. I mean, it seems so obvious! I’m a Mennonite, it has everything I’ve ever loved on it, PLUS it’s a pizza! Have I mentioned I love pizza? I like to think I enjoy sophisticated foods too…but come on. Who doesn’t love a good pizza, amirite?

So. The Mennonite Delight features schauntfat, ham, farmer sausage, fried onions, and cheddar & mozza cheeses. It is the pizza of my dreams. All these elements are perfectly prepared. The onions make it. They’re not just fried, they’re caramelized. The crust is so light and fluffy and tasty, that I ate all of it.

Digging in!

We also maybe should have tried the Funky Menno. It features schmaunfat, ham, farmer sausage, tex-mex & mozza cheeses, and jalapenos. And then it’s drizzled with salsa. Schmaunfat and salsa — together? Yeah I’m game to try that! In fact, I must. Pizza Haven, I will return!

And then…we had to have dessert. Pizza Haven gets their desserts from Baked Expectations in Winnipeg. You know, it’s the place in Osborne Village that’s constantly full of youth groups from Steinbach. Or, at least, that’s the impression I had of it in my early 20’s…which was the last time I set foot in the place. (I’ve never not loved Baked Expectations, by the way. It’s just that I way overdid it back in the late 90’s early 2000’s, ’tis all.) I think B.E. must’ve stepped up their game or send out their best desserts to Pizza Haven or something, because I enjoyed this carrot cake much more than I thought I would. It was also amazing that I had room for it. Behold, the generous cream-cheese-icing to carrot-cake ratio:

And so, I conclude this post with the entreaty that if you find yourself in the West Reserve, out in yantzied, and you are very hungry…you’ll be out of luck because you probably should have made reservations at Pizza Haven. Seriously, people are clamouring to get in, and for good reason.























Okay, I’ve done a lot of talking about “the best pizza in the world” here. I will now confess that Andrew and I have a bit of a penchant for traveling the world when we can, and I used to blog about it…and here’s a post I wrote about El Cuartito Pizzeria in Buenos Aires.