Tiny Gallery at New B’s!

None of us really know how long we’ll have to do this social distancing thing, but I’ve gotta say, it makes me try to think of lots of plans of things we could still do. Catching up with The Tiny Gallery is one of those plans. This is an art exhibit that has been making appearances in small towns throughout southeast Manitoba. It has been in Mitchell, Niverville, Grunthal, and Andrew and I caught up to it in New Bothwell this week.

The Tiny Gallery is a thoughtful work by local artist Alexandra Ross. Rather than having all the art all end up in Winnipeg, she is finding ways to bring art to rural locations. I find The Tiny Gallery incredibly innovative… and prescient, considering the times we are now in. When she created it, she couldn’t have known there was a worldwide pandemic bearing down on us. So, as galleries throughout the big cities close (temporarily), The Tiny Gallery is actually perfect for these times.

Today is actually the last day that you can visit The Tiny Gallery in New Bothwell. I’m not sure what time they’ll be taking it away, or where it’ll go to next, but you can follow Alexandra Ross Works on Facebook or visit¬†The Tiny Gallery blog.

AND I have to talk about New B’s. You can call in your order and pick up. Their food is amazing and owner Elle thinks fast on her feet. For example, usually they have a Mennonite Buffet on Thursdays… but in light of the pandemic, no more buffet — instead, you can order a Mennonite Medley to go, on Thursdays. Her New B’s Cafe Facebook post yesterday stated that the Mennonite Medley comes with perogies, kielkje, schmauntfatt, grilled onions, farmer sausage, ham, coleslaw, and lemon or apple tart, all for just $13.95 (plus tax). Sooooo comforting right now.

Stay safe and keep your distance, folks. We’ll get to the other side of this yet.

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