Exploring Bush Farm Trail

Andrew and I enjoy being sequestered in our little condo with our books and whatnot, but this is getting to be a lot already. We needed to shake up our brains, see something different, and breathe some fresh air.

With the coronavirus on the loose, it’s kinda scary to think of going into any buildings or touching things like door handles that other people may have touched. But as far as I can figure, going outside is okay to do!

I even looked it up to make sure that going for walks outside gets the thumbs up from public health officials… and it sure does! They say it’s good for your mental health too. So this past Saturday afternoon, we set out to explore Bush Farm Trail, and it was exactly what we needed! Fresh air, sunshine, and LOCAL HISTORY!

Andrew immediately began taking note of the different little tracks made by various wildlife.

And I was quite taken with the brilliant white lace of the uplifting poplars lit by the early afternoon sun, set against the bluest sky. Took my breath away.

Okay here’s something weird: as much as we’ve explored every cairn and plaque we can find in town, Andrew had not ever seen the Bush Farm plaque!

I pointed out to him that this is precisely the trail that Glen Klassen mentioned in his 5 Questions interview, as being his favourite historic spot in Steinbach.

To be honest, I’m kind of a Bush Farm Trail newbie as well. I’ve only ever been on this trail twice, and never in winter (spring?) before.

We went after lunch when the sun was at its warmest and brightest, and oh my goodness it was so wonderful. LOOK AT ALL THE NATURE!

People have put little elements of delight throughout the trail as well. I’ve seen some folks suggest on Facebook that we should pretend it’s Christmas break (as we hunker down with those we live with)… and this festive little visual treat sure makes it feel like it!

We plan to make this little route a staple in our daily life…

So maybe we’ll see you from a socially safe distance, out on the trail!