“Oot & Aboot” While At Home

Just like you, I think that maybe I’m not quite cut out for being inside all the time. Particularly with the onset of spring. So, I hassle Andrew to join me for walks a lot.

I recently read Ralph Friesen’s book Dad, God, and Me (post upcoming) which reveals a few more tidbits about Steinbach beyond his book entitled Between Earth and Sky: Steinbach, The First 50 Years. Reading these books really activates our imaginations, as we endeavour to picture what this area looked like when our great-great-great-grandparents first arrived. It’s difficult to walk down Main Street and try to imagine how the settlers could not walk beside their oxen because the trees were so thick.

But, when we visit Bush Farm Trail, we can imagine. We can also imagine this when we visit the seemingly unofficial trails just north of the city dump.

I was wildly enthusiastic about this hike and took many pictures.

Here I had a bit of a false start, trying to find a good way to get into the woods. This was not working:

A-ha! Finally found a trail. IT BEGINS.

Two paths diverged in a wood… and they seemed equally traveled by. So we went left.

Yay a very nice path through the woods on a lovely day!

Even more of a path!

Uh-oh. Clearly proceeding beyond this point is NOT ALLOWED.

Oh look! Red berries! (I did not eat them.)

Selfie time! Look how much we enjoy the outdoors!

Well… to be perfectly honest, this is how Andrew generally enjoys the outdoors, ha:

Such a pretty path…

GASP! There are literal SIGNS in the woods. But wait… what does it say? “The Hills”? Where?

Andrew pointed out to me that these are likely the hills in question:

Ooh, “The Hidden Way”. Don’t mind if I do!

“The Hidden Way” certainly seems to be a less popular trail…

Bent but not broken:

ANOTHER SIGN! These are so fun to find!

The path continues…

A beautiful oak:

Beautiful poplars.

A bird’s nest!

“Cari’s Place” — I believe this may be a nod to the popular Canadian kid’s show of my childhood, Fred Penner’s Place

One last look at the woods as we prepare to take our leave…

Finding our way home…