Like a Giant: Visiting a Model Railway!

And now for something completely different! Let’s revisit our past summer’s travels to St. Jacobs, Ontario. Yay!

Andrew and I were exploring the Village of St. Jacobs because there were many Mennonites there, and we had decided it was high time we learned a thing or two about our Swiss-Menno neighbours in the province next door.

This was how we stumbled upon the St. Jacobs & Aberfoyle Model Railway. We noticed this building…

And we went inside! Turns out they were just about to close up shop for the day. But they’re very kind and allowed us to check out the model railway anyway!

I felt a bit like The Friendly Giant. Or maybe Godzilla. It was amazing.

Look at the detail! It kinda felt like taking an aerial tour of the region. I mean, don’t the pictures kind of look like they were taken from an airplane? Okay, maybe a drone.

I will tell you, we did not spend much time there, and regretfully did not get a chance to chat with the folks who run it. We were rather concerned that we were preventing them from getting home for supper.

But I do wish we could’ve spent more time examining the tiny details. Oh and you know what? I’ve only now realized that we didn’t see the train running. Ha!

Apparently this is one of the largest model railways on the continent!

We were also grateful to the kind folks who run it the operation, for allowing us to come in and see the railway, even though our timing was rather off.

I don’t want to pretend to know more than I do, so I’ll just mention that you can learn more about the neat history of this place here!

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