Knipsing at Block 3 in St. Jacobs

Andrew and I like to pepper our travels with samples of local craft beers, so when we were in St. Jacobs, Ontario this past summer, we couldn’t help but notice Block 3 Brewery show up on the maps we’d picked up. So as we walked around the village, we found ourselves meandering directly toward Block 3. After all, the place even has a star by its name on the map, thus indicating Items made on location! (That exclamation mark is justified, in my mind.)

I do not remember what we sampled, but I do remember that they were solid selections. And, there was crokinole! Knipschpratt!  (That’s how I spell it, anyway.) Is it just me, or are all breweries keeping crokinole boards around these days? Maybe it’s just the ones that we tend to visit. OR maybe it’s just the breweries in and around locales riddled with Mennonites.

All I know is, Block 3 has their name on the knipsers, and this impressed me:

You know it’s a good brewery when…

Andrew promptly challenged me to a game of crokinole, and then proceeded to accuse me of cheating several times (is it really cheating when you’re not really sure of the rules because you’ve never paid attention?), and then gloated at me (aka: smiled charmingly at me) when he won in spite of my “cheating”.

But. I was on vacation, sipping excellent beer, in a new-to-me Mennonite village, with my favourite person. So, I definitely felt like I’d won.

Unrelated postscript: Notice my favourite earrings? They’re from Ten Thousand Villages. Thought the fashionistas reading this might want to know.