Who Do Family Photos Belong To?

Andrew thinks things are getting a little out of hand. I’ve been inquiring as to whether there are old family photos to be seen, and learned about. And, I’ve been rewarded with two different piles of photos from family on both my mom’s side, and my dad’s. The collections of photos remain separate, but within each collection, the photos are entirely scrambled. (And, they’re growing.)

There are many precious old photos in these collections… and no one seems interested in fighting me for these. I’m currently basking in this fact; luxuriating in exclusive access to and possession of whichever old family photos I wish.

However, someday this may change.

The other evening as I was going through these photos with my aunt, we were both becoming increasingly flummoxed by the question: “who do these photos belong to?”

Well I guess the answer is “all of us”. Every single person in those family-gathering-photos.

So, what to do?

One branch of my mom’s family created a scrapbook of sorts, going as far back as they could, complete with stories! The book is so fantastic that many in the extended family requested copies as well. So I guess this is an idea.

Or maybe I could scan the photos and create a photo book…?

Or is there some kind of online private invite-only photo sharing platform (no I don’t mean Facebook or Instagram, ha) that works well and is positively reviewed?

How do YOU share old family photos?