Victoria, My Way

August 9, 2021 Erin 0

When it became official that Andrew and I could travel out of province with our nice little vax cards (meaning, no need to isolate upon […]

Vancouver Island Dreaming

July 12, 2021 Erin 0

In an attempt to do a bit of research before bed last night, it didn’t take me long to stumble upon sites such as “haunted Victoria”.  […]

Zig Zag Mennos

June 30, 2021 Erin 0

I’ve been a little less on-the-ball with posting lately. I’ve been preoccupied with attempting to solve the riddle of vaccine-hesitant Mennonites. I KNOW. I KNOW. I […]

Mennonites Walking

June 16, 2021 Erin 0

EAST RESERVE I’ve been reading history books again and here are a few disjointed thoughts on how often, and how far, the Manitoba Mennonites of […]