Return to Rosenthal: Snowshoe Edition!

The last time I visited Rosenthal, it was June. Things sure look different now!

Many people still don’t know about Rosenthal Nature Park. It’s super-close to Mitchell, created by the Seine-Rat Conservation District. Because I grew up on a farm in the midst of miles of bushland, it’s in my nature to want to run directly into the bush and just see what happens. I had taken this privilege for granted in my childhood years. Now that I’m a town-person, I realize I don’t have this opportunity anymore, unless I seek out public spaces in nature. Manitoba has a lot of these spaces, but not too many of them so near to Steinbach, as much is private farmland. So I’m grateful for Rosenthal Nature Park.

Andrew and I bought snowshoes last winter, but never got to use them. Thankfully, we’ve gotten a terrific Christmas present in the form of all this fresh new snow, so finally on Christmas Eve, we headed to Rosenthal to try out our snowshoes.

Feature photo is of me in the midst of falling. 😀

I haven’t snowshoed much in my life. I think this might actually only be the third time or something like that. One time when I was in grade five at Kleefeld School, Mr. Martens led the class on a snowshoe adventure to the Kleefeld pits. I was an out-of-shape little kid, but for some reason I really took to snowshoeing and soon had bypassed my classmates and was following along right behind our teacher. I still remember that he turned around and was surprised to see me there, keeping up just fine, and snapped a photo. That photo ended up in the Kleefeld School yearbook that year. I remember that my friend Tillie was right behind me in the photo. She and I are still friends today. I wish I still had that yearbook. I shall have to continue scanning the MCC in hopes of stumbling across it, I guess.

Anyway, I don’t know much about snowshoeing, but I don’t think you need to know much. You just go!

It was truly a great day for black & white photography. Ha.

Birdhouses at Rosenthal.

Andrew wanted to take a photo of me with a birdhouse. At this point his glasses had fogged up quite a lot and he couldn’t really see what he was doing.

There is a fantastic little peninsula at Rosenthal, I love this path!

The snow was so fluffy, it was irresistible!

This was just the first of many snowshoeing adventures. I’m already plotting our next one!