Merry Christmas from Mennotoba!

My Christmas gift to you is this: displaying one of my favourite things about Steinbach — the lit-up trees at the hospital!

When I first moved to Steinbach in 2001, I was single and lived near the hospital. I like to walk places, and so when I walked downtown to get groceries, I would walk through the little park near the hospital. And one day, when I walked through this park, all the trees were lit up with Christmas lights! I was stunned. “What magic is this?!?” I wondered. I had no idea what was going on with these trees, but to say I was delighted would be an understatement. I truly thought I had the best life ever.

The following year, I noticed the giant sign which explained exactly what was going on with the trees… sort of.

Gift of Lights, eh?

Yep, it’s a fundraiser! People sponsor trees and the money raised goes to the hospital. Well, the Bethesda Foundation, actually, which then purchases equipment the hospital needs. It’s always on the first Sunday of December, and it’s a truly magical time.

This is one of my favourite events in Steinbach. These pictures are not from December 2, though. They’re actually from sometime in late November, when I guess they were testing the lights. I was walking home from work and was of course completely dazzled, hence the photos. Anyway, that’s why there are no people in the pictures, and also why it’s not that dark yet. I love going to this event and randomly running into people from the community.

And, I just wanted to share my delight with you.

Merry Christmas!