Magic Hour in Hochfeld Cemetery

Hochfeld, near Mitchell, is one of my favourite cemeteries.

Of course, this village no longer exists. However, though not maintained, its cemetery has been respected and protected.

And somehow, the wildness of it, draws me to it.

One evening last summer, I spent time exploring abandoned cemeteries with my friends Sasha and Audrey, and Audrey’s dad Mr. Hiebert. He figured it’d be fine to visit this cemetery as he knows the folks who own the property. He may have made a phone call, I don’t quite recall. Anyway, we were careful to be respectful and walk in the tracks that had been left by what I can only guess was a large tractor of some sort.

By this time, we had been out and about exploring fields and cemeteries for awhile, and the sun was about to set: magic hour. And it was amazing.

I mean, come on — I was in an old abandoned cemetery, at magic hour! It’s like my dream come true.

I announced that I figured this was pretty much a Kehler cemetery.

“How do you know?” Sasha inquired.

Like, what was it about this cemetery that made it so distinctly “Kehler”?

I had to give her the disappointing response: “I saw that name on a lot of the headstones.”

I wish I’d shared a better, ghostly, fascinating answer. Alas.

Strangely, upon this visit to Hochfeld cemetery, I didn’t see a single Kehler stone. Rather, I saw several Schulz and Falk headstones. Odd, considering my previous experience here. It’s almost like different seasons reveal different headstones, here.

Having Mr. Hiebert there with us was fantastic. He mentioned there may still be some basements from the village remaining in those trees over yonder…

I stared at the trees with great intensity and curiosity. Well. I’m going to have to make a few phone calls, or something. This is my goal for 2020, to see what may be left of those old village foundations.

Here at the tail end of summer, with the grass all overgrown and the weeds gone to seed, the scenery was positively enchanting.

Given this new information about Hochfeld… I shall be return. Hopefully at magic hour.

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