Delicious Deviation at MJ’s

Hey, we love MJ’s Kafe. Proof: we’re there all the time.

It had never occurred to me to change anything on the menu, until…

It all began when MJ’s Kafe had a series of limited-time-only special poutines on their menu. This got me thinking… I do love their Mennonite Poutine. BUT. What could they change to make me love it even more? Is there anything at all that would really take it up a notch?

The answer is obvious. Or at least, it should be. Crackles!

LOOOOOOOOK at that gorgeousness!

I’ll be honest, swapping out the farmer sausage for the crackles was not so easy. You see, the crackles are a breakfast item at MJ’s. But here I was asking for crackles for supper. Because I eat poutine for supper. I’m extremely healthy. (That last part should be in sarcasm-font, if there were such a thing.)

So, I had made a complicated request. There was some discussion back in the kitchen regarding the possibility of such a request. I’d imagine this hinged on MJ’s actually having crackles available at the dinner hour.

I was overjoyed when they informed me that yes, my request was possible. They were going to make my poutine dreams come true. And yes, I do get overjoyed from eating delicious food. And yes, that IS a dab of schmuanfatt on my face in the feature photo. Just facts.

Another fact: things have changed at MJ’s Kafe, just like at many restaurants all over the world. You can’t dine-in anymore. BUT you can pick-up. So far I’ve been enjoying the ease of just running in and grabbing verenki-to-go from the little fridge in what is now MJ’s Corner Store (see the pivot? I love it) but by now it’s been so long since I’ve had my favourite off-menu item, that I think this week I’ll be phoning in my specialty order: Mennonite poutine with crackles instead of farmer sausage.

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