What’s Mennonite Poutine?

The Daily Bonnet has been a little obsessed with food lately. Mennonite food, of course. Yesterday I had difficulty choosing my very favourite Mennonite dish. It was a battle between these two:

Verenicki (cottage cheese perogies):

And, Mennonite Poutine:

I think I ultimately chose verenicki…because it’s my lifelong favourite, my first Mennonite-food love. But Mennonite Poutine is a close second. I mean the Mennonite Poutine from MJ’s Kafe. I order it pretty much every time I’m in there.

I should first mention, there are a few variables when you order the Mennonite Poutine from MJ’s. There are two kinds of fries. I always get the house-cut fries. The “home-fries”. I think the others come pre-cut. So I always choose these ones. And the gravy is the other variable. They ask you if you want the beef gravy or schamuntfatt. I always get half-and-half.

As for the rest of the dish, it’s Pioneer farmer sausage crumbles, and cheese curds from New Bothwell.

Altogether, it’s a perfect meal. Andrew is frequently pleased when I order this, because then he gets to “help” me with it. 🙂

The only thing that’d take this dish over the top for me, is if I could enjoy it alongside a nice Witty Belgian beer from Torque. But maybe that’s just me.