Beauty in Spades: Reinfeld Cemetery

Last summer, right after I’d discovered Neureinland, Andrew and I were on our way to get some lunch at Charley B’s in Winkler. And in the process, found ourselves driving through Reinfeld!

(Have I ever told you how jealous I am of the West Reserve? Not only is it twice as big as the East Reserve, but it also still has so many villages!)

And what should catch our eye? THIS:

“Stop the car!” I hollered with joy. And we launched ourselves into the Reinfeld Cemetery. And… it’s kind of magical.

My favourite corner of the cemetery.

After I had just connected with a different cemetery so close by, I was looking for more connections here, but I don’t think I found any.

And that’s okay. I just find these places soothing. And lovely.

Although CHECK THIS OUT. We were alarmed and amused to discover what appears to be perhaps some kind of shovel-related cemetery art installation:

I’m so curious! If you know about this, could you please let me know, and solve the mystery for me?

Old trees and old gravestones are my favourites.

The crookeder, the better.

Thank you for joining me for this little cemetery tour. I’m really looking forward to visiting the West Reserve for many more adventures, insights, and explorations!