5 Buildings We Explored at the Pembina Threshermen’s Museum

The Pembina Thresherman’s Museum is located between Winkler and Morden, not too far from Boundary Trails Health Centre. Andrew and I visited the PTM in 2018, and I was so transfixed with the Braun House (because of family ties) that I failed to post about the MANY other fantastical buildings just waiting to be explored… so I’ll share five of them with you now!

1. Pelser’s Barber Shop

2. Eichenfeld Elevator and Flour Mill

3. Pomeroy School

4. Experimental Station

5. North West Mounted Police Outpost

We really enjoyed our time at the Pembina Threshermen’s Museum. There’s a LOT there. I think we actually had visited precisely as they were getting ready to really launch into their big weekend, which the PTM calls “Reunion Days”. The excitement in the air was palpable. Volunteers criss-crossed the yard dressed in period costume. The flowers planted at each building’s entrance were so welcoming. The folks were super-friendly and accommodating.

Hey, here’s something I should note! While the two houses at the PTM have Mennonite names attached to them (Reimer and Braun), the PTM is not particularly focused on Mennonites. Rather, its focus is on all local history — including that of Englishers. The overall effect is very warm.

Also of note! We didn’t even scratch the surface of what the museum has to offer — including tasting the food created by the Valley Harvest Maids. (I have much to learn about that group!) And so, the Pembina Threshermen’s Museum is on our list of destinations we’re hoping to return to this year.