Unauthorized Stony Brook West


I’ve shown you what I call the “authorized” version of a walk along Steinbach’s storied “Stony Brook”.

Here’s where we left off, last time.

Now it’s time for the unauthorized version!

Now, because the Stony Brook is in the middle of Steinbach, there are two ways we could go with this: east and west. I’ll start with west.

On the day that Andrew and I went for a “short walk” to follow what remains of the creek, we came to what appeared to be the end of it, right where it hits the four lanes of Brandt/Highway 12.

“Wait, where does it go from here?” Andrew asked.

As I have been an avid walker of the community since I moved here in 2000, I brightly answered him, “I’ll show you. Let’s go!” and I trotted across the highway, dodging traffic.

I led him to this lovely little… um… hole:

Honestly, there’s no way to make this look good. It is what it is: garbage-laden culverts under KFC.

Yes, the brook is not exactly living its glory days right here.

When you go through the KFC drive-thru, you’re right on top of the “Historic Stony Brook”.

Let’s take a closer look.


Then, the culverts go under Loewen Boulevard into this little ditch:

Which again ends in culverts and a fence. Andrew thought we were at the end of our exploring but I said “nope!” and trotted off, walking all the way around Penner International.

Detour along a service road in Steinbach at sunset.

I led him here, to this ditch. It’s the Stony Brook, I guess. It runs between Penner International and Loewen Windows.

We followed it as far as we could. It flows through Penner International for a bit, and then there are those culverts which, you know, lead to KFC.

Thanks for joining me for a look at the ugliest part of the Stony Brook.

I promise next time will be better. I do have to show you where it goes on the east side of town, and also what happens to it after it’s wound through our industrial area.

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