The Authorized Version of Steinbach’s Historic Stony Brook

In my opinion, there are two versions of the “Historic Stony Brook” in Steinbach. Today, I’m going to show you what I call the “authorized version”. Welcome!

This “brook” was kinda killed off back when developers re-routed it into ditches and drainage routes. Yet the impression the brook left, remains. Particularly because Elmdale Street lines both sides of the “brook”.

We begin our brook tour at Kroeker & Elmdale. The K.R. Barkman (gazebo) park is at our backs. This is where the official Stony Brook begins.

However! Over the years, Elmdale Street weirdness was managed by decommissioning the northeastern side, and making the southwestern side the one official street route. Now the northeastern one is alternately driveways, walking paths, and what-have-you. It looks nice!

I found a picture I took last summer in the rain. One day it’ll be this green again! (I think.)

Recently the brook has been given a lovely historic treatment. Now if only it would rain!

Moving along Elmdale, west toward Barkman Ave.

So, the other day when Andrew and I were walking around taking pictures of every single plaque along this route (the plaques denote which families settled on which plots of land in 1874). While we were doing this, we also took pictures of the Stony Brook, because the first homesteads in Steinbach were established along this brook, giving each family access to water.

Getting closer to Barkman Ave. You can see Anna Barkman’s apple tree on the very left side of this picture. You can also see Keystone Cinema peeking out in the center of the picture.

It’s tough to imagine people once got their water from this brook… but hey, at least the imprint of where the brook once was, remains. And I’m a fan of the new look!

Now that we’re across Barkman Ave, we’re heading toward Reimer. This picture was taken right in front of Keystone Cinema.
Now we’ve crossed Reimer Ave and are in front of the library. You can see Reimer Ave behind us, and the SCU.
In the park! SCU in the center of the picture, library at the left. This is a lovely spot!
Now we’ve crossed Elm Ave and are facing Brandt Street/Hwy 12.
Here we are near the little Barkman pocket park by Elm & Elmdale.

And here we have come to the end (or the beginning, depending on where you begin) of the heritage walkway along the Historic Stony Brook. I can’t wait to show you the UNAUTHORIZED version of this tour. Next up!

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