This Is Possibly The Greatest Road In Hanover

So. Me and Andrew’s adventure, taking a day to try to find as many public sites as possible…was not going well. We failed at finding Burwalde, then Neu-Bergfeld, and frankly I was getting distracted with all my papers and books and maps becoming a bit of a wild mess within our car. So many options! We were beginning to get hangry as well. (When you’re so hungry you become angry.) But I still wanted to eke out as much discovering as I could before attempting to find food. That’s when we found this road:

Ah yes, Peter Wiebe Road. (Also possibly known as: 24 N.) Do you know of this road? I think it is seriously the very best road I have ever seen.

As you can see from the feature photo, this road, though boasting a dynamic name, is thoroughly sodded. I don’t think they grade this road…they MOW it. But it’s a real actual Manitoba road, it even has a sign! I convinced Andrew to take our little Jetta down this road. That endeavor did not go well either. As you can imagine, the road is not very tiny-car-friendly. So we had to reverse our way outta there.

This whole time I was flailing about with the maps and books, and it seemed to me that we were super-close to the abandoned village site of Kronsgart, which has a PUBLIC cemetery, AND a cairn! And it’s also apparently in the precise middle of nowhere.

So enticing!

But I had pushed Andrew far enough on an empty stomach. I crossed my fingers in hopes that the restaurant I had in mind would be open and willing to feed us.