Bigg Smoak BBQ: Award-Winning Southern Barbecue In A Mennonite Town!

I’d mentioned in a previous post that after trying in vain to find several apparently-hidden cemeteries, Andrew and I were becoming simultaneously hungry and angry. (HANGRY.) Finally I knew we could no longer go on like this. We had to eat. By this time it was about 2:00 in the afternoon. I directed Andrew to Bigg Smoak BBQ, on Main Street in Grunthal.

See the tiny signature? Seems Tammy Waldner can make delicious food AND draw dynamic pigs with attitude.

I’ve heard amazing things about Bigg Smoak, and I’m happy to report that they did not disappoint. The first thing we noticed was the “Torque” sign on the wall…so we promptly ordered Torque beers. This delighted us, because thus far we have not been able to get Torque beers when dining in Steinbach. Bigg Smoak wins points right away for serving quality local brews.

It didn’t take us long to order. I was excited to see that they had Mennonite food on the menu, so that’s what I got:

Shocked at the volume of food on this plate!
A closer look. That’s two giant slabs of farmer sausage right there!

The onions were caramelized beautifully, the vereniki/cottage cheese perogies were pillowy soft, I thought I could detect notes of authentic butter in the schmauntfatt, the farmer sausage was very good, and even the coleslaw was crisp and flavoured well. This was better than I’d been expecting (I mean, it’s a BBQ place, not a Mennonite food place.)

Andrew ordered a platter of BBQ. Obviously, someone had to.

I’ll be the first to admit that our food photography skills are pretty much non-existent. Sorry for the not-very-attractive photo. But let me tell you, we were FIGHTING over that food. The meat at Bigg Smoak BBQ is very very delicious. I just wanted to keep eating it…even though it was on Andrew’s plate. I also kept nibbling at his mac ‘n’ cheese. Really cheesy, like surely they must put a few different cheeses in that or something.

In the end, I had to box mine up, because I kept eating Andrew’s food and therefore I was too full to finish my food. But, nothing wrong with leftovers! Andrew happily finished them off shortly after we got home.

Bigg Smoak BBQ in Grunthal. You should go!

(Feature photo: Awards on display at Bigg Smoak BBQ. They’ve won their fair share!)