They’re Making Hard Cider in Yantzied! (Dead Horse Cider Co.)

I think we can all agree that it’s always been only a matter of time before this happened — before some rural Manitoba Menno somewhere started crafting some kind of alcoholic beverage. It was only a question of what… and which side of the river would be first.

Well, looks like the folks in Jantzied won this one. Named after the legendary Dead Horse Creek, this cider uses only local apples. And, I think everyone in Manitoba is aware of the fact that Morden is known for their apples in particular. At least, they ought to be — because of the annual, incredibly popular, Morden Corn & APPLE Festival.

(Even though their address is technically Winkler. Really, it’s between Morden and Winkler.)

A little investigation reveals that this is actually “a branch off of” the Burwalde Juice Co. I’ve gotta say, it warms my heart to know that folks see value in naming things after Mennonite villages.

Now let’s talk about the cider itself. What would I say if I hated it? Would I be honest? Well, anyone who’s met me might know that I have a lot of trouble keeping my honest thoughts to myself… so, I was concerned.

Well, here’s the truth. I’m one of those beer nerds who love a ridiculously strong and well-made barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout, and despises weak watery cheap lagers. (If I’ve ever told you any different, I was just lying in an awkward attempt to appear polite.) Anyway, I don’t know a heck of a lot about ciders. BUT, I do know that I enjoy sipping this Dead Horse Cider. I buy it time and again at the LC. It’s light and fresh and kinda tart-sweet, like a local prairie apple, which is exactly what this beverage is made from. It just tastes genuine. Dare I say… HEALTHY? I’m gonna just go ahead and say that one full bottle equals at least a few apples. And you know what they say about an apple a day, right? (It keeps the doctor away. That’s what.)

Also, gotta love the name of this: “Looking on the Bright Cide(r): crisp hard cider made in Manitoba.” Great illustration too.

Available direct off the farm, or at your local LC. If it’s NOT at your local LC, ask ‘em to include it the next time they place an order. Yeah, you really should.

You can find out more, here.