Book Fiend on the Loose at Clearspring Centre

Last year was the Bethesda Auxiliary’s final year of their legendary Book Sale. Over the decades, they’d been responsible for providing our local hospital with extra funds to purchase badly-needed equipment. Now, with a lack of younger members joining their ranks, the Auxiliary decided to call it a day.

I was very sad to hear this news because this book sale is fantastic. Just tables upon tables of books, all up and down Clearspring Centre in Steinbach. All sectioned off into various kinds and types and interests. It’s really quite a wonderland for us. We’ve found some real treasures, including a signed copy of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential.

The annual Book Sale was ultimately saved, when a different highly valuable local non-profit stepped in to take over: ROC Eastman, which “reduces barriers to recreational opportunities for children”.

So, I eagerly marked down the date on my calendar: March 20, book sale! It’s a 3-day sale, but obviously I felt the need to be there as soon as humanly possible, on the very first day. And so, after work, Andrew and I raced directly to the mall, and made a beeline for the Mennonite History section.

This photo was taken before Andrew began plucking books from this table.

I was a little aggressive in the way I eagerly swiped literally piles of books into my basket. It quickly became much too heavy to carry, so I began just sort of nudging the basket along the floor with my foot, as I continued to pore over titles.

Andrew feels that I’m becoming less-than-discerning in my eagerness to collect Menno-related books… but I see it more as simply having an ever-expanding interest and curiosity.

Now I’m looking forward to the NEXT book sale!