Stumbling into Rosenheim Cemetery


Sometimes when Andrew and I are driving around in the West Reserve area, I see cemeteries in fields that I had never noticed before and when I point them out, Andrew drives directly to them. That’s how I “discovered” Rosenheim Cemetery.

It was spring break and we were driving to Morden and I suddenly yelled, “Hey, there’s a cemetery out there!” And… this is pretty much all I know about Rosenheim.

I looked it up in the Harms-Rempel historical atlas of the West Reserve but I could not find any mention of Rosenheim, apart from being labeled on the two maps at the front of the book… in brackets, demonstrating its long-abandoned status, I suppose.

The closest I could find in the atlas is, I think, on page 40 which discusses “Vanishing Villages”. A few villages which neighbour Rosenheim are mentioned here, but Rosenheim itself does not even warrant a mention, it seems. Either that or I’m trying too hard and cannot see what’s right in front of me (it happens a lot actually).

The atlas here says, “The villages that were organized in Township two, Range two during those early years usually most did not last very long.”

When I googled Rosenheim Manitoba, I found there is a Rosenheim school site in the area, south of Horndean and east of Plum Coulee. It must be near-ish to this cemetery. (This school district was dissolved in 1966.)

The name of this vanished village now seems to live on in the form of the Rosenheim Drain canal.

It was a very cold wintery day when we were here and I will admit I did not linger. I’m so curious if any readers know more about this village or have connections or roots here! (Or stories!)

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