Schönhorst: The Most Intimidating Cemetery on the East Reserve


I was not fully prepared for what I encountered at Schönhorst.

This is in the midst of private property. Like, in the midst of residences and barns. So, I went straight up to the house to take my chances… and an old friend opened the door! Amazing! She joyfully led us to the cemetery, through the woods which was magical and I will post about it later because I loved that walk so much.

I really wished this cemetery was left alone in the woods we had just wandered… but alas, it was positioned between a barn and house. To protect the cemetery from the livestock, is the most intimidating fencing system I have ever encountered, alongside a fair bit of concrete. As it stands today, this cemetery ain’t going anywhere. (Not that other cemeteries just get up and walk away, but… you know what I mean. I think.)

Check it out:

I have never encountered a cemetery like this one. Wow!

So, Schönhorst as a village did not last long, as many villages on the East Reserve. The Historical Atlas of the East Reserve postulates that this village was established in about 1876, and it was pretty much a Bueckert village. However, after just one year the village began to clear out, as everyone left for the better land of the West Reserve. Only Doerksens remained. So, the atlas calls this the Doerksen cemetery, which seems apt.

I’m eager to tell you about my walk in the woods in an upcoming post!