Reinfeld, East Reserve, Couldn’t Be More Different From Its West Reserve Counterpart


If you visit Reinfeld near Winkler, well, it’s pretty much a suburb of Winkler at this point. To me, it’s all one and the same. (Winklerites, don’t hate on me for saying this! It’s an outsider’s perspective!)

So, I visited the East Reserve manifestation of Reinfeld… and this is what I found:

A circular patch of weeds which are not being tilled at all.

So, I’m thinking the farmer knows something about this patch of land… but nobody approached us in our investigation. There was no one I could ask.

Although, I can ask the Historical Atlas of the East Reserve! As always. The book tells me this village was a Bergthaler one, established in 1875 by the offspring of Altester Jacob Braun (no relation to the Jacob Braun of the West Reserve, whom I am descended from).

By 1878, ten families lived here. There was a school and a steam mill. However, by 1880 the school was no longer listed and the village shrank, likely due to the rush for the better land on the West Reserve.

Today, all that remains of this village is this strange plot of land whose soil is left respectfully unturned.

We could find no markers. I do not think any names are known. These graves are very early and their markers would have likely disintegrated a century ago.

Apparently the New Bothwell History Book says a few things about this plot of land… but I have only seen that book once. It was for sale at the Bothwell Cheese factory. I attempted to purchase it, but was told I must pay cash. Alas, I had no cash on me — only debit, credit, and cheque — so I had to leave the book behind. I think about that book a lot. They do not have it there anymore.

Respect to the settlers of Reinfeld, East Reserve, and those they left behind, on this spot. And to those who are caring for it. Those who know.