NEW Old Family Photos!

Look at this pile.

My aunt recently gave me these photos. I believe the majority of my mom’s family was from the RM of Stanley, West Reserve, so I’m assuming that’s where all these people are from… but I could be wrong. As I look through these pictures for the first time ever, I will be simultaneously writing about what I see and discover. Here goes…!

A striking woman with bobbed hair and perfectly round spectacles stares straight at the camera, expressionless. Is this my great-grandmother? Her dress appears to be of satin and lace. On her feet, shiny MaryJane’s. On her lap sits one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen, his expression in direct contrast with hers.  Next to her stands a man in a suit, pen in pocket, an open yet tentative look on his face. A boy sits in front of him, also tentative, hands folded dutifully. The back of the photo reads “Jacob J. Brown” in pencil. In pen, below, it says “Bill Brown”. I have no idea which of the people in the photograph this refers to… but I’m assuming it’s not the female. I glance at my family tree that I’ve printed from Grandma’s Window. My maternal grandmother’s parents were Jacob and Maria (Unrau) Braun/Brown. I’ve heard a lot about this family over the years from my mom, but these things can get easily confused. Perhaps Grandma’s Window will help straighten it out. I search, and only get more confused. If this was Jacob and Maria’s family, and they had 11 children… where are the others?


Is it just me, or does this family look a little stressed out? On the back, it says simply, “David Wiens”. There are Wiens’s in this side of the family… but I’m not descended from any “David Wiens” — not that Grandma’s Window tells me, anyway. Perhaps this is an uncle or brother to someone I’m descended from…?


I feel like there’s something familiar about these folks, but I could be totally imagining it. I feel like maybe this is a 1950’s-era Christmas card? I’m digging it. Nothing written on the back.

I feel like thus far I have more questions than answers. I shall keep asking.