Digging Through Very Old Photos!

Yes, I use a lot of exclamation marks… because I am thrilled! To be honest, I sometimes worry that family members would not want to let me have old photos, because of this blog. Privacy, defensiveness, and… I’m not sure what else I occasionally sense from a variety of people on this topic. Maybe I just seem really nosy. But honestly, I’m really only curious about my own self. If I can know hints of the stories of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and possibly great-great-grandparents, well, then that’s amazing to me.

So, this mess you see? I am presently digging through this beautiful windfall of photography. My aunt told me that many of these had come from her grandparents… which means I possess (possibly a fraction?) of my great-grandparents photo collection. They had lived in the RM of Stanley, which is in the West Mennonite Reserve in Manitoba. There are many photos I am absolutely enthralled with. There are others that were clearly given as a gift to my great-grandparents, and perhaps there’s someone out there who might like to have these photos now. And there are many other mysteries to be solved.

My desk is a huge mess. Some might say that my brain is in a bit of a scramble as well. However, I’m especially exhilarated by this, because Andrew and I will be spending some time in the West Reserve soon… chasing history.