Detour Through the Woods at Schönhorst

This seems like so long ago…

Early in September, I kidnapped two friends and went off in search of the cemeteries marked in the Historical Atlas of the East Reserve, which I had not yet visited.

This led me to the site of Schönhorst… and an old friend! She offered to lead us to the cemetery via the woods and I leapt at the chance!

On our walk, she introduced us to this towering oak. The miracle tree. It had been struck by lightening, but healed itself and grew stronger.

The black in the middle indicates where lightening struck!

This is some of the most lovely forest around, and I very much loved having the opportunity to explore with someone who lives there.

I felt like there must be stories just everywhere… but I do not know what they are.

I returned a few weeks later and roamed the woods with my friend once more before lockdown. This time, I stumbled (literally) upon foundation! She said it had always been there as long as she could remember. (She grew up on this property.) I wonder if that foundation is a remnant of the village of Schönhorst.

I did not take a picture for some reason. Likely because it was already dark. (Hence, my stumbling.)

The paths through these woods are some of the most enticing. They are created by cattle, and also by children.

Okay and by ATVs too I guess. (But not so much that any damage has been caused.)

Near the end of our walk, she indicated a path leading out, here. She said this path is the remnant of an old trail, which her father had followed to school when he was a boy. In consulting with the Atlas once again, I see that at this spot a secondary trail had led out from Schönhorst to Grunthal.

Now that I’ve seen most of the cemeteries that I can reasonably access, the trails are beginning to catch my attention. Hopefully I can explore more of them yet!

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