We Tried to Visit the Winkler Heritage Museum

Sometime in August 2018, Andrew and I attempted to visit the Winkler Heritage Museum.

It was closed.

So, what can I say about this place? Not much I guess.

Andrew took a few photos of the window displays:

Just now, I went hunting for their Facebook page. Well, this explains everything:

They’ve lost all their Friday night volunteers, and a Saturday volunteer as well!

I feel devastated. This is very sad.

I notice they’re on TripAdvisor, and while they only have three reviews, they’re all positive.

The Winkler Heritage Society runs the Winkler Heritage Museum. And so, I visited the W.H.S.’s website and learned that they have monthly meetings on Monday mornings. I’m thinking that would effectively exclude all working professionals. I wonder if that was intentional. I wonder if that choice is impacting their volunteer base at all. Sometimes I just wonder things.

I searched a bit more, and found this article from Pembina Valley Online from July 2014. They decided to raise some funding so that they could have a paid position, and the museum could be open 20 hours a week (instead of 6). Seems quite positive! That’s four and a half years ago though… so I’m thinking they no longer have this position. Which is a bummer.

Next, I foundĀ this article from PVOL: in November 2014 this group was hoping to move from the mall into a local building that has heritage value. That sounds like a great plan to me! I wonder what happened with that.

As I scroll their Facebook page, I notice the Winkler Heritage Museum participated in the Southland Mall’s Sidewalk Sale Days. I wonder what they sell during this time. Artefacts?

Well. While I wasn’t able to step through those doors and experience the museum for myself this past summer, I’m still left with questions. I suppose a good museum does leave visitors with questions! Though of course I was hoping for more. Next time!