A Quick Visit To The Musée St-Pierre Jolys

I grew up living precisely between Kleefeld, Grunthal, and St. Pierre. My schooling was in Kleefeld, my churching was in Grunthal, and when I began driving, I often found myself spending time in St. Pierre. (Also, I took my three driver’s tests there. Fun times.) So to me, it’s almost as familiar as Kleefeld or Grunthal.

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I stopped in to visit St. Pierre, and walked the lovely museum grounds. Here’s what you’ll find there:

Maison Goulet
This Red River-style house was built by Moïse Goulet in the late 1800’s. It had stood about two miles from St. Pierre, along the Crow Wing Trail. Couriers using Red River ox carts would stop here and rest. In the 1980’s it was moved to the St-Pierre Museum, where it stands today… right next to the Crow Wing Trail.

Musée St-Pierre Jolys
This was built in 1900 as a convent and girls boarding school. I think it might’ve closed in 1960… and became a provincial heritage site in 1989… but what happened in the years between? And, does anyone remember when there was a tea room housed in this museum? I think in the early 1990’s. Anyway, what a beautiful building! I am entranced by the Widow’s Walk at the very top. (Is it still called a Widow’s Walk if it’s on a convent?)

La Cabane à Sucre
This is my favourite place at the museum… I have come specifically to the Sugaring Off Festival to consume sugar here. And it is truly wonderful.

A note. The museum is open 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. We foolishly arrived after 4pm. But if you really wanna come by when the place is hopping, pay close attention to southeast Manitoba events calendars, and come out for the Sugaring Off Festival in early April. (In 2019, it’ll be on April 6th!)