5 Questions with Luke Thiessen

Luke Thiessen just might be one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. A Four on the Enneagram, he’s a born performer — once you hear his voice, you’ll realize it’s not like anyone else’s. And you can hear it, if you purchase his album Comforts. He also performs with indie pop-rock band Boy & The Sea. Born a Steinbachian, today Luke lives in Winnipeg and works with Siloam Mission, a non-profit organization that connects compassionate people with those less fortunate.

1. Should we use this to promote your music, or your work at Siloam?
My work at Siloam Mission is more important, so probably that!

2. Okay cool. Why should people give to Siloam?
At its simplest, I would say because it’s the definition of being a good neighbour, a friend to those in need. Siloam Mission is there for someone when they can’t make ends meet, not only financially, but physically, mentally, spiritually – and they are able to provide transformative love and care, lifting a person from the depths of trauma, addiction, abuse, or whatever has brought them here. I think most people know Siloam for its meals and shelter, perhaps for giving out clothing or other basic needs, but it is so much more than that. Siloam has an incredible team of professionals, both staff and volunteer, from our on-site medical centre to mental health supports to social workers who will help clients navigate government systems and find treatment programs, affordable housing and jobs.

3. Do you ever cook Mennonite food for your non-Mennonite Millennial hipster friends? (And if so, what dishes do you cook, which ones are you good at making, and which ones do they love the most… and/or find the most confusing?) 
Yes, I love introducing my friends to Mennonite food. The most common for me is farmer sausage, I’ll often cook up a ring and bring it to a party, or make a “Mennonite charcuterie board” (which really just looks like faspa without the desserts). Everyone seems to love it. The obsession with cottage cheese seems to confuse people though, I’ve started making gloms kuak and I’m not sure I’ll be able to sell anyone on it.

4. Do you still enjoy the music of Carly Rae Jepsen?
I LOVE Carly Rae Jepsen so much. Ten years ago, 16-year-old me met her at the Burt, and I was smitten. Over the last decade, I stopped listening to her, and I didn’t like her music much – until a couple of years ago when she released “Emotion,” and I fell back in love. This year she released a new album that I’ve been listening to on repeat for a month. I’m going to see her again this fall at the Burt, and it will feel like a pretty special anniversary for me.

5. Are you working on a new album?
I can’t say much about it yet, but I have been writing some new music that I hope to share soon. It’s a new project that will sound a lot different than anything I’ve done before. With enough work and a bit of luck, I hope there will be something new for you to hear this year – but I should probably stop there before I jinx anything!