5 Questions with Colleen Wohlgemuth, Coffee Roaster Extraordinaire!

Colleen Wohlgemuth roasts specialty coffee with her husband Jay. Their sons accompany them on many deliveries and they’re so thankful to have the opportunity to do something they’re passionate about. You can keep up with what they’re roasting or delivering today by following Stone City Coffee Roasters on Facebook and Instagram, or their website.

1. Do you remember your first cup of coffee? How different is it from the coffee you sip today?

I don’t specifically remember my first cup, but I know it was awful because it took many years for my sister to convince me that fresh roasted coffee was different. So I remember that latte and my mind was blown. My words to her were, “You’re right, coffee can be good!”

2. I think some people would be surprised to learn that you have a Holdeman background. What are some aspects of your Holdeman background that you’re grateful for?

I have so many aspects of the Holdeman upbringing that I’m grateful for. They put a large emphasis on family time. Eating meals together and a slower pace of life so there is time to be together as a family. Also being in community is huge for them, it was not uncommon to have people over that we barely knew for meals and often overnight stays too. You were taught to host well. To show love in hosting and being selfless. To be kind, show grace, and to show love to one another even when you don’t agree on everything.

3. What’s one thing you wish people knew about Holdemans?

That they are some of the most generous people! They quietly help out in many areas or lend a hand and never ask for recognition. Selfless, honest, trustworthy, and dependable is how I would describe them.

4. What’s one thing you wish people knew about coffee?

That strength is not determined by roast levels. So many people think dark roast will get them the boldest cup of coffee. But in reality you can get a strong bold cup of coffee with any roast level. It’s all in the amount of grounds and how you grind your coffee. The #1 key component is having fresh roasted coffee and a quality burr grinder! This is the most important step to having the best cup of coffee!

5. How did you get into roasting specialty craft coffee?

Our love for quality tasting coffee has evolved over the years as we enjoyed specialty coffee shops and craft roasting shops. We love to travel with our boys and try out little coffee shops everywhere we go. One of our most memorable experiences was a road trip to California back 2013 when we brought back many pounds of craft coffee that our family roasted for us while we were there. We became passionate about freshly roasted coffee on that trip. As we drove home along the pacific coast we had the fragrance of the beans, the fresh ocean breeze, and the joy of family surrounding us. Then in the summer of 2019 our brother-in-law Jess, who’s been roasting specialty coffee for over 10 years in California, pitched us the idea of him teaching us everything he knew so we could start roasting coffee! He was taught by a master roaster in the hills of California who had been roasting for 30 years. His knowledge has been instrumental in everything we do!

6. Some people might be surprised to learn that your speciality coffee brand has quickly amassed a large and loyal following right here in Southeast Manitoba. Were YOU surprised?

We had no idea what to expect, we knew we loved it and our style of roasting! Over the years we had shared fresh roasted specialty coffee with our friends that we shipped in from California. Almost all of them said it was the best coffee they had ever had. But would people buy? They have!!!

We’ve been blown away by the support and how so many people love our coffee! We are so thankful!