A Rainy Morning in Old Rosenort Cemetery

Andrew has mentioned to me that Mennotoba has become a little saturated with posts about cemeteries. I agree. It has. Here’s another!

This is me trying to amend the fact that we have not spent much time checking out the Scratching River Mennonite Reserve, aka: Rosenort and Riverside.

Obviously these are not recent pictures. These were taken last August, on that rainy Friday when I took the day off work in order to visit cemeteries on a weekday.

I had been very excited. The rain could not stop me. In fact, I figured it’d just enhance the experience.

I think I was right. The stones are much easier to read on a rainy day, than when the blinding sun shines directly onto them.

So, please enjoy this pictorial wander through the old Rosenort cemetery.

Rosenort/Riverside (Rosenhoff) is a neat area because they’re two villages lined up north/south, almost end-to-end along the Scratching River.

In between the villages, you’ll find a few cemeteries, such as this very old one, which is cared for quite nicely.

Really, I’d say this one is at the very southern end of Rosenort, not quite in Rosenhoff/Riverside territory just yet. I like to imagine how many roses used line the riverbank, for both villages to be named for the exquisite bloom. (Perhaps they’re still there, I just haven’t visited in the right season!)

I quite enjoy walking over this little bridge to see the cemetery. This picture is taken facing north. I believe the schoolhouse used to be located at the southern end of this bridge (across the road, behind me). These villages were settled in 1875 and I’m pretty sure this was the first Rosenort village cemetery. Thanks for joining me for this little walk!

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