100 Years of New Bothwell, 145 Years of Kronsthal

This past year, New Bothwell celebrated 100 years. 

That’s kind of weird to me, because this community has existed here since 1874. Mind you, it was known as Kronsthal at that time. The name “New Bothwell” was applied by the government… well, I guess about 100 years ago, when Bothwell School opened. 

I was pleased to see that the new mural at the recreation centre does reference Kronsthal. 

But you know what else references Kronsthal? 

Kronsthal Cemetery, that’s what! 

It’s private though. That’s what the Historical Atlas of the East Reserve says, anyway. Andrew and I had stopped here earlier this year, trying to find Kronsthal. We found this by the side of the highway, under the sign that says Kronsthal Hildebrand Cemetery: 

Isaac Hildebrand Feb.12, 1838-Jan.2, 1929
Katharina Hildebrand Oct.12, 1845-Nov.5, 1919
Peter Harder Nov.16, 1865-Mar.18, 1927
Maria Harder Apr.12, 1870-Feb.23, 1943
Jacob G. Hildebrand Mar.7, 1871-Oct.13, 1927
Bernhard Dueck Mar.5, 1977-Dec.19, 1942
Mrs. Jacob Wieler July 19, 1890-Oct.27, 1947
Elizabeth H. Hildebrand 1895-1896
Peter and Heinrich Hildebrand (twins) Mar.18, 1898-Mar.26, 1898
Helena Hildebrand Jan.25, 1925-Feb.7, 1925
Aganetha Hildebrand June 6, 1929-June 19, 1929
Cornelius Dueck Feb.21, 1930-Feb.21, 1930
Barbara Dueck Oct.1, 1931-Jan.7, 1932
Benjamin Giesbrecht May 5, 1932-Sept.1, 1932
Frieda Dyck Aug.21, 1934-Nov.24, 1934
Cornelius Giesbrecht Dec.21,1934-Dec.21, 1934
Heinrich Hildebrand Aug.24, 1934-Oct.1, 1942
Esther Hildebrand Sept.24, 1935-Nov.21, 1935
Maria Dueck July 28, 1936-Feb.16, 1937
Henry K. Dueck Oct.30, 1937-Jan.15, 1938
Margaretha Hildebrand Apr.6, 1943-Apr.12, 1943
Alvin Blatz (son) Jan.4, 1945-June 26, 1945

Note that 16 of the people mentioned above were children or babies.

Even though Andrew and I found the sign that suggested we were near Kronsthal Cemetery, we could not figure out how to access it. We couldn’t even see the cemetery. We didn’t venture further. 

So, what else does one do when searching for any publicly-accessible indications of Kronsthal/New Bothwell history?

Visit their Rec Centre!

This new mural depicts several old photographs of the village. I saw it when the sun was setting… and the shadows were distinct. I tried to keep from casting a shadow in these pics, that’s why they’re taken at an angle.

Sasha’s strength is demonstrated by her shadow. Also pictured: mural of the Hildebrand Homestead, and the Bothwell Cheese Factory circa 1936.
“Kronsthal 1936”
“Bothwell School 1919”

“This mural was created to portray the history of New Bothwell (formerly Kronsthal) to our present generation and for generations to come.
The story begins with the Hildebrand Homestead & continues when the school district was formed in 1919 for Bothwell School.
The Bothwell cheese factory was established here & became very successful.
At this time, the village was known as Kronsthal.
As the area thrived, new businesses such as a general store & garage were established & the post office was opened.
The government wanted a different name than Kronsthal for the post office, so Bothwell was chosen to coincide with the school. The request was denied as Canada already had a town with that name. Hence, New Bothwell was selected & accepted.
New Bothwell 1919-2019 Celebrating 100 Years”

I guess if they’d been able to keep the name Kronsthal, they’d have celebrated their 145th anniversary.

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