Wonderings & wanderings in Altona’s Sommerfeld Church Cemetery

Friends, this might even be something I started in 2020. Or 2019. How DO the years slip away so fast?

And why didn’t I post it in that time? I’ll tell you why. Because I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed I don’t know obvious things about the Sommerfeld Church and I’m afraid I’ll make a fool of myself on the internet YET AGAIN.

But then I’ll tell you my New Year’s Resolution. Yes it’s a little late to be deciding/declaring such a thing but that’s besides the point. Here is my resolution (and it’ll make Andrew cringe so very much but OH WELL!)…

Write like no one’s reading.

Yeah. That’s it.

Some people who write stuff online want to know there are many people reading it. Not me. If I think someone is watching me, I’ll freeze and won’t proceed until everyone goes away and I think the coast is clear. So, same deal here. Andrew (and some friends too) think I’m performative but I’m kinda really not.

I think there’s a lot of wisdom in the “dance like no one’s watching” saying that’s been circulating for probably quite a few decades (among Mennonites, though? ha what would the Daily Bonnet guy say about that, I wonder) and the dancing question isn’t a concern for me because I cannot dance. The best I can do is a few moves I learned in aerobics. Which is not a good look, let me assure you. But also not a huge concern for me, really.

So I’ve twisted the saying to make it my own. Write like no one’s reading! So now I’m free to post my favourite pictures from the Sommerfeld Church Cemetery in Altona, and to admit that no, I still don’t know very much about this group. How has it been so many years of paying attention to Mennonites and also I’m the same people group from the same area so how can it be true that I don’t know about this? That sounds fake, right? I’m sure I’ve gotten into it elsewhere on the blog before but suffice it to say I’m a tad existential about it and wonder it often myself.

I do have much to learn. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures, please.