What’s a “KuchenDog”?

This past weekend was Steinbach’s annual downtown festival, entitled Summer in the City. I look forward to this each year, probably mostly for the food, but also for the awesome atmosphere that you get when you combine all this food, art, culture, music, rides, etc etc etc, and concentrate it all within a few short blocks.

I mean, it’s a little exhausting and overwhelming… but also splendid to walk along the middle of the street saying hi to folks you don’t normally see in this laid back, junk-food-fueled situation, right here at home.

So, what do you do when you’re exhausted? I hope you said EAT, because that’s where I’m going with this.

This year, the “KuchenDog” was a hot topic of food-related conversation. I had to know more.

Okay, so it’s a hotdog, but in a roll kuchen. And not the crispy kind of roll kuchen that my mom makes. Oh no. This is a (locally) store-bought roll kuchen which is soft and pliable — easy to cut in half and put a hot dog into.

So, the handy posted instructions tell me that you have to add some ketchup to your KuchenDog… and then you also add some Roger’s Golden Syrup. (Obviously. I mean, this is roll kuchen we’re talking about here.)

The instructions also state that you can eat the KuchenDog however you want. But, because I love sweet condiments with meat, this was right up my alley. Usually I’m not a fan of these store-bought roll kuchen, but I have to say this is a fantastic way to eat them. And, I’d say it’s much better than a hot dog bun. So yeah, I recommend the KuchenDog… along with many others (according to my Facebook feed).

Always nice to see Mennonite food forging creative new paths. Cheers to the KuchenDog!