We Drove Through Woolwich County. Guess How Many Buggies We Saw!

What do I remember from our little drive through Woolwich County last summer? Well, I’ll say this: thank goodness for pictures.

I’m the type who actually does much better with impressions and intuition and “just having a feeling about something”. So if I’m dwelling upon an irksome thought, you can bet I won’t be digesting all kinds of new information very well.

So, all I can remember about our drive through Woolwich County is that Andrew and I were arguing. I think this argument was borne of our time-crunch. We were trying to see way too much in far too short of a timeframe. Also, I was probably hungry and forgot to bring snacks.

The main objective of this drive was mainly to see Old Order Mennonites out and about in their buggies. (Just like all other tourists to Woolwich County.)

You wanna know how successful we were? Okay here. THIS is our only glimpse of horse & buggy folk:

Yeah, that’s right, all we saw was that sign. We were spectacularly unsuccessful in our quest.

I’ve heard that it’s difficult to spend time in Woolwich County and NOT see an Old Order Mennonite driving a horse-and-buggy… but we managed to accomplish the unthinkable, I guess.

However, we did see gorgeous rolling farmland, cozy family farmsteads, wash on the line, signs for selling eggs (but NOT on Sundays) at the tops of many long winding driveways, and buildings that are probably significant. Someday we’ll return for a proper visit, take our time, and learn more about everything we see!