Waving “Hi!” to the Tractor Trekkers

Summer may not begin until the 21st, but around here we’re acting like it’s summer anyway. And a part of that is the annual MHV Tractor Trek!

I notice that last year I was exceptionally shy and took next to no pictures of tractors nor trekkers. Barry Dyck had mentioned to me that we had been awfully far away when they drove by. Upon reflection, I realized that watching at a distance like that prevented us from seeing the nuanced details of each tractor. And waving properly.

Not so this year!

This time I decided to contrast the big loud tractors with my smallest niece:

We were waving as they drove by. Some drivers waved their hats at us, so my older niece and nephew began waving their hats in greeting, too.

Just like last year, we caught up to the Tractor Trek at Neufeld Garage in Randolph. It was really exciting to be there to watch them roll in!

The cutest thing was when my littlest niece said a bright and friendly hello to this particular tractor:

See it’s “face”?

And then it was time for the tractors to roll on out, on their way to Unger Meats by way of Mitchell, for their lunch.

Here’s my friend Brent. Every year he drives his grandpa’s tractor in the MHV Tractor Trek!

As the tractors were all driving onto the paved road, they caused a bit of a stop in traffic. I think this might be the only traffic jam that Randolph ever sees:

Here they are at Unger Meats. At the time I took this photo, it was raining and the drivers were all eating a delicious lunch.

I enjoy watching the Tractor Trek because it reminds me of growing up on the farm. My dad had an Allis, which was our “big tractor”. Then there was the International, which was of intermediate size. And then there was our smallest little Massey Ferguson, which I remember driving a bit as a girl. I remember the smell of the grease used to keep the old tractor’s parts running smoothly, and the sound of them chugging around on the farmyard or down the road to the field. These are warm and wonderful summertime memories for me, and I enjoy reviving them when checking out the Tractor Trek every year.

Perhaps next year I will be DRIVING a tractor myself!

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