Salad at MJ’s? Seriously? Yup, seriously good!

Okay now, if you’re a visitor to Steinbach, you’re probably going to head to one of the two main Mennonite restaurants (or better, yet, both). There’s the Livery Barn (open seasonally) at the Mennonite Heritage Village and MJ’s Kafe on Main Street. Friends of our from Calgary were just here and, of course, we took them to MJ’s to enjoy vereniki and formavorscht and schmaunt fat and all that.

But, what if you’re there a little more frequently? Perhaps you might want to try a salad or two?

Sounds crazy?

Well, it’s not. They’ve actually got some great salads. And although Mennonites have been known for being rather carnivorous, let’s not forget we’re actually great gardeners, too. Oh, yeah, and orchards. So, never mind the stereotypes. Mennonites can eat vegetables. Especially if they taste like this!