Review: The Oh Ba Yo Perogy Pie!

Like most people, I have a thing for food. And as such, I try to pay careful attention to local bakeries and restaurants and their social media posts. And THAT is how I learned about the Oh Bay Yo Perogy Pie from Double Take Cakes in Steinbach. I wasted no time. That evening, I confidently announced to Andrew that supper was taken care of. BEHOLD! The perogy pie:

A note: while Double Take Cakes yes, makes very delicious (and very beautiful, and very creative) cakes, they also have pies and other delights. Twins Valerie and Victoria run Double Take Cakes (you see where the name comes from) and the pie wing of their business is a tribute to their mom, Kathy, who is a fantastic pie-maker. I know all this from their website, which incidentally also contains the baking instructions for their frozen items.

So. You purchase the pie frozen, so you can bake it at your leisure.

Except, it takes about 90 minutes to bake. That’s a long wait. Luckily, I planned ahead and also purchased farmer sausage rolls from Double Take Cakes:

And a mere 90 minutes later, the Oh Ba Yo Perogy Pie was ready! See feature photo. Isn’t it gorgeous? Oh, but a word of warning — when you bake your Oh Ba Yo pie, the instructions say to put it directly onto the rack in your oven. I did that…but then I also put a cookie sheet on the rack below, just in case. Thank goodness I did — the perogy pie overflowed as it baked. The cookie sheet caught the tasty mess, and my oven remains (relatively) clean (ish). Phew!

So, the verdict: the Oh Ba Yo Perogy Pie is DELICIOUS. It’s positively stuffed with sausage, potatoes, and smauntfatt, all covered in that delightfully flaky buttery crust. So, so good. Two forks up! Happy weekend!