More About The Braun House, West Reserve

It’s been awhile since I last posted about this… little did you know, I was not yet finished with with this house! And so, join me for a moment as we step back into the Braun House at the Pembina Thresherman’s Museum.

The door is open — come on in!
As I look around, I realize there are a lot of details I missed when we visited. For example, look! There’s a painting in the other room, through the door. I hadn’t noticed it until now! Seems these pictures and paintings are all related to the Braun family. Therefore, we must return for a closer look!

I hadn’t shown this painting before… I think it’s of a serrai on the right, even though the label says semlin, which is on the left:

The label says: “Gerhard and Anna Braun were married in Osterwick, March 18, 1879, and moved into this simlin. Jacob, June 17, 1880, and Elizabeth, January 28, 1882, (d. February 27, 1883), were likely born in this sod-house. // Painting: The Burwalde Farm Home of Gerhard & Anna Braun. Built in the late 1890’s, on the SW 1/4…” (I cannot read the rest. Sorry!)

Little side-note, in classic Mennonite fashion: Gerhard was the brother to Jakob, whom I am descended from.

The laminated note above the bench reads: “Jakob Braun of Osterwick carved this wooden bench by hand, after he immigrated to Canada. He used only a draw knife and wooden dowels in its construction, without the use of any metal pieces.”

Not sure if that note alludes to the Jacob/Jakob whom I’m descended from… or Gerhard’s son.
It’s possible that my great-great-great-grandfather carved this bench. It’s an interesting thought.

The note says: “This homemade wheelchair is from the same time period as this house (built in 1885) and was used by one of the Braun children.” I’m not clear on who this would have been.
One last look back, before we leave.