Let’s Explore the Brubacher House!

This past summer, Andrew and I spent a bit of time exploring the Mennonite culture of Ontario. “We have to go see the Brubacher House!” Andrew informed me. And so, our GPS led us to the campus of Conrad Grebel University College, at the University of Waterloo.

This beautiful stone heritage house was built by a family of Pennsylvania German Mennonites, the Brubachers, in 1850.

It seems like a large house… but when John E. Brubacher and Magdalena Musselman were raising 14 children, I’m sure it felt rather snug… particularly on long cold winter nights.

This house was purchased by the university in 1965. Nestled into the side of a hill, overlooking Columbia Lake, it’s kind of the stuff of dreams.

Join us for a little tour!

The back of the house, which faces the lake.
The cozy kitchen!
That’s a “rope bed” and straw mattress.
Also in the bedroom.
In the parlour.
John E. Brubacher
“Do not touch!” I obeyed.
Very old book. (Family Bible?)
Grandfather clock from Switzerland.
Is that the Brubacher house in the background?
Was this Magdelena Musselman?

Then we descended into the basement.

Not sure what this is, but it’s very old.
I cannot read what that says.
Andrew always wants a picture of me for the blog. Here I am in the basement of the Brubacher House.
The coolest room in the house! Both figuratively and literally. It was a cool relief on this hot July day, but also very cozy and lovely. Turns out you can rent this space! It’s called “The Meeting Room”. If I lived closer, I’d totally rent it for little get-togethers!
Brubacher Coat of Arms?

Thanks for joining me in exploring the historic Brubacher House of Waterloo. Back to Manitoba for Wednesday’s post!