Junk Pile of Eigenhof


I don’t know what made me do it. Insatiable pent-up curiosity? A confidence that waterways are okay to walk along?

Whatever it was, this past spring, I found myself revisiting Eigenhof.

There is my old friend, the lone headstone of Helena Wieler.

But this time I went beyond the cemetery, following the creek a bit, to a junk pile.

I have been interested in junk piles since I was a small girl. There was one in the cow pasture on the farm where I grew up and I was forever exploring the rusty bedsprings and strange-looking 50s-era washing machine and refrigerator, salvaging random cups and plates.

Now here I am at age 43 tromping around a junk pile yet again.

I have no idea what I’m looking at, but I wonder if this is all that remains of the “magnificent old timber frame house” that once stood here.

Pretty amazing how what was once a prominent village in the 1870s is now a field with a junk pile and lone headstone.

I’m starting to be interested in fieldstone foundations. I found some in this junk pile, and have also come across them elsewhere in my curious explorations. I don’t think people use fieldstones for their foundations anymore, and I know there is a fieldstone foundation on the Reimer General Store at the Mennonite Heritage Village (which was from the turn of the century I think?) so perhaps this is also a remainder of the grand house that once stood here at Eigenhof.

But I don’t really know.

I wonder what else is hidden in this pile.

Very sure I will never know the answer to that.


Eigenhof and the Headstone