Have You Ever Tried Fruit Vereniki?

My mom used to make saskatoon vereniki with rhubarb sauce, but it had been years since I’ve had fruit vereniki of any kind. Andrew says he had it only once in his life…when he was about 7. So, when I saw that MJ’s Kafe in Steinbach had blueberry vereniki on the menu for a limited time (available now until March 31!) I had to check it out!

You can order any of the MJ’s regular vereniki combinations and subsitute the regular cottage cheese vereniki for wild blueberry! We opted for the vereniki dinner, which comes with farmer sausage (or ham..but we ALWAYS order the farmer sausage), as well as borscht and a dinner role. But despite all the great extras, we were here for the vereniki!

We were also given the option of having it with schmaunt fat or with strawberry rhubarb jam and whipped cream. It just made more sense to me to get the jam. Although the vereniki are sweet they went really well with the farmer sausage. Very tasty!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had fruit vereniki. I hope my next encounter will not be so far into the future!