Have you ever had ‘glums koki’?

I’ve learned in the last little while that are there are some major gaps in my Mennonite knowledge. There’s all sorts of history I don’t know and, sadly, even some Mennonite food I hadn’t discovered until recently. Although there are common Russian Mennonite dishes, our familiarity with them may depend on whether or not our particular mothers cooked them for us.

So, when I saw ‘glums koki’ added to the MJ’s Kafe menu I was baffled. What the heck are ‘glums koki’? Well, they are basically cottage cheese cakes. Instead of putting the cottage cheese in a pouch of dough, a la vereniki, you form them into little cakes and fry them up!

The recipe is in the Mennonite Treasury Cookbook, but I never noticed it before.

And then, just a few weeks ago, our neighbour and former d’8 Schtove owner Don Heppner brought some over for us! Delicious! Don’s version had dill in them! Thanks, Don!

I wonder what other Mennonite dishes I am missing!