Getaway to Rendezvous & Bella’s Castle!


When Andrew and I decided to visit Morden for a little midweek getaway, there were two “musts” on our list: Rendezvous Brewery and Bella’s Castle! Niftily, they’re located just one block from each other. Verrrrrry convenient.

We have enjoyed making special trips to visit craft breweries all over the world on our travels, and were pleased when these artisanal joints started appearing here on our home turf. We were particularly enticed by Rendezvous, being located on the lovely Stephen Street of Morden. Just far enough to classify as a getaway, but close enough to become a frequent getaway.

Once we realized its owners are very good at making beer and making you feel at home while you sip it, we were especially sold. And, I love the decor. They’re located in a historic building which had originally housed the local town newspaper in the 1800s!

Beer menu, yum!

On the day we visited, pretzels were their special, so we ordered one while we waited for our pizza to bake. Oh. My. Goodness. It was so super delicious! Just the right bite, flavour, texture, and with their famous beer cheese dipping sauce, it was perfection. Pairs beautifully with those beers!

We felt game to each enjoy some beers because we had walked over from where we were staying at Bella’s Castle. It’s really a perfect game plan.

Ah, Bella’s Castle. I first spied this stunning stone mansion back when I was killing time waiting for my mom to be released from her knee operation at Boundary Trails (the hospital located between Winkler and Morden).

Historic next-door neighbour to Bella’s Castle.

I’d heard about all these cute businesses in historic buildings along Stephen Street and I wanted to see them for myself. So I parked at one end and walked to the other where I encountered stone mansions on both sides! I was blown away. I wished I could see inside them. I probably stood on the sidewalk staring transfixed at what would become Bella’s Castle for an uncomfortably long time, ha.

When you look across the street from Bella’s Castle, you see an equally stunning structure. This is a lovely neighbourhood.

So when, years later, I learned it had become a bed and breakfast, I immediately began daydreaming about staying there.

Finally, my dream came true! And it honestly lived up to my grand expectations.

The owner, Lily, welcomed us and showed us around the mansion, before we got settled into the Oval Room (second floor turret).

We learned that this huge home was originally built by a lawyer. We had breakfast in the smoking room. The parlour is on the other side. And the dining room is so sunny and lovely!

The next morning she encouraged us to check out the stunning third floor suite since the family staying there had already left and she had somehow already quickly and magically cleaned it. WOW. What a suite!

Breakfast was perfection, too.

My ideal breakfast! Made me so happy.
Looking up from my seat at breakfast, original stained glass! Also you can see the windows are very deep — that’s because the walls are very thick, as they’re built of solid rock (which you see on the exterior).

And then after our beer-supper at Rendezvous, we bundled up and headed out again… it was time to embark upon our little walking tour of Morden!

Always with my map and hat!